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Southern Arizona Home Watch is a service provider for seasonal and absentee homeowners. Our basic services can be provided weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Our basic services are usually the perfect fit for most seasonal and absentee homeowners, but for those that prefer little extra attention we can design a program that is right for you. Why Southern Arizona Home Watch?

Because we go the extra mile to provide you with the attention and communication that you deserve.

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GPS Reporting System

Southern Arizona Home Watch uses a best-in-class GPS reporting system to provide you with the most detailed reports and gives you peace of mind knowing that the inspector was actually at your home.

This GPS system only allows us to activate the reporting system while at your home.  This is done by creating a QRid that is specific to your home.  This card is placed at your home and can only be scanned and activated while at your home.

The video on this page will explain how the system works and how it can offer you additional peace of mind over other home watch companies.