Southern Arizona Home Watch is a service provider for seasonal and absentee homeowners.  Our basic services can be provided weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.


  • Check exterior of home for vandalism, damage and potential problems
  • Check irrigation system for leaks and verify plants are receiving adequate water
  • Visual inspection of pool and spa (if applicable)
  • Spray small amount of weeds
  • Test outside lighting and replaced bulbs if necessary (bulbs supplied by the clients)
  • Collect mail from mailbox and place inside house (if applicable)
  • Collect newspaper and other papers left at the residence and place inside house
  • Check interior of home for any potential problems
  • Run water from all faucets/fill traps/check for leaks/close drains when done
  • Run water thru refrigerator drinking line (if applicable)
  • Run garbage disposal to lubricate and maintain appliance
  • Pour water into washing machine drain once a month to prevent sewer gases from entering home
  • Check hot water heater for signs of leaks
  • Test inside lighting and replace bulbs if necessary (bulbs supplied by the clients)
  • Flush toilets and lightly brush
  • Check refrigerator and dishwasher for proper operation and leaks
  • Check all windows and doors for security and damage
  • Check for signs of pest, rodent and  insect infestation around the exterior and interior of home
  • Check for visible maintenance issues or defects

After the inspection has been completed you will receive an email advising you of the date and time of the inspection and any deficiencies that were detected.

If there is an emergency repair, we will contact the contractor or handyman that you have specified as your preferred vendor.

If is not an emergency, it will be noted in the email sent to you asking how you would like to proceed.